MODEL ENGINE FUEL CAR 25 (4 Liters Tornado)


MODEL ENGINE FUEL CAR 25 (4 Liters Tornado)


25% NM
Surpreme power

<1% Additives

10.5% Oil
Special dedicated oil blend containing ricinus and synthetic oils for maximum protection resulting in prolonged engine life. Special blend based on synthetic oils and ricinus

63.5% Methanol

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For the seasoned pro. Maximum top speed and acceleration combined with perfect engine protection
(For proffesional usage see: Competition  fuels*.)
Low cost. Special dedicated oil blends protect engines high on nitromethane levels. On and off-road racing proof. Clean combustion ensures low maintenance. Fit for all engine types. Minimal foam accumulation. Special additives prevent corrosion and oxidation. Use of afterrun for maximum protection during storage


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