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The term GSM900 is used for a GSM system which operates in any 900 MHz. The 900 MHz band defined in the ETSI standard includes the primary GSM band (GSM-P), the extension (see E-GSM) and the part of the 900 MHz band that is reserved for railways (R-GSM).

The total GSM900 band defined in the standard ranges from 876 – 915 MHz paired with 921 – 960 MHz. Mobiles transmit in the lower band and base stations transmit in the upper band.


This is a GSM/GPRS-compatible Quad-band cell phone, which works on a frequency of 850/900/1800/1900MHz and which can be used not only to access the Internet, but also for oral communication (provided that it is connected to a microphone and a small loud speaker) and for SMSs. Externally, it looks like a big package (0.94 inches x 0.94 inches x 0.12 inches) with L-shaped contacts on four sides so that they can be soldered both on the side and at the bottom. Internally, the module is managed by an AMR926EJ-S processor, which controls phone communication, data communication (through an integrated TCP/IP stack), and (through an UART and a TTL serial interface) the communication with the circuit interfaced with the cell phone itself.
The processor is also in charge of a SIM card (3 or 1,8 V) which needs to be attached to the outer wall of the module.


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